Andrea Scarborough

Andrea Scarborough

Owner, Gardener, Life Coach

Andrea grew up near Ilderton on a 200-acre Dairy Farm.  She loved spending time in the barn with her Dad milking the cows, feeding the calves & playing with the cats.

Eventually, the Dairy Quota was replaced with 1000 laying hens, 10 head of beef cattle and about 150 acres of cash crop.  Even though she missed the cows, Andrea was still in the barn everyday tending to the chickens, gather eggs and talking to the cows.

The Family had a very large garden that produced a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.  When she wasn't in the barn with Dad, she was in the garden munching of fresh peas, ripe raspberries or whatever else she could find.

One of her fondest memories is when she had a nasty case of Chronic Bronchitis and her Grandmother made her a Mustard Plaster.  It felt so good to breathe again and her Grandmother's soothing touch will never be forgotten.

The Healing Power of Nature

Years after, she rediscovered the powerful healing properties of Nature when she began to explore the world of Essential Oils.  Several ailments had cropped up and she struggling with severe migraines, heart palpitations and paralyzing anxiety.  Peppermint Oil soothed the migraines, Lavender Oil settled the heart and calmed the anxiety.  She also began to make lotions and creams for her family to assist with eczema, aches & pains and improve breathing with asthma.  This unfolded into learning about tinctures, salves and healing teas made with plants that most people call weeds.

Andrea spent 15+ years working in the field of Mental Health.  She supported individuals who struggled with a wide variety of severe diagnosis.  Whenever possible, she would share her love of nature to calm a struggling mind.

This lead to her Certification as a Life Coach to help people from all over the world ease their anxiety and improve their functionality with depression.  Andrea believes and her experience has proven that  authenticity is the key to Happiness.  Living as close to nature as possible, connecting with the bounty that surrounds us, is the best medicine for just about everything.

Today, Andrea combines her education in Mental Health and experience in both the field of Mental Health and the field of fresh growing produce to help people get back to the basics of truly enjoying life.

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