Bob Scarborough

Bob Scarborough

Owner, Craftsman

Bob grew up on this farm and he knows every inch of it by heart.  His parents ran a beef cattle / cash crop operation from 1970  - 2020, at which time the farm was handed down to Bob.

He has very fond memories of working this farm with his Dad, learning from him what it takes to succeed in the uncertain world of farming.

He left the farm at age 18 to pursue a career in driving truck.  He drove all over North America for 15 years when he finally came back home.  This time, he chose to explore a career as an Electrical Engineer and Industrial Electrician.  Over the last 21 years, Bob has enjoyed much success in his field, moving through the ranks from journeyman to Project Coordinator.

It's getting time for this old boy to change directions again and continue on the Family Farm.

Bob has always enjoyed working with wood.  He has built many projects for the home and several people asked him to build for them.  This was the dawning of his woodworking side hustle.

Bob’s Creations

Bob & his wife Andrea, moved to the farm in 2011 to assist Bob's ailing Mom.  It didn't take long before he had all his tools gathered up and the beginnings of a formal work shop on the go.

He started building Cedar Planter Boxes for friends & family and that quickly turned into building for everyone!  Pre-COVID, Bob & Andrea traveled around to various Craft Shows to showcase is craftsmanship.  Suddenly, the shop was busy with more orders that they could handle!  Life was really good!

Then came COVID, and the (unrelated) passing of his Mom in spring of 2020.  For 9 years Bob & Andrea have planned what they wanted to do with the farm and now it was time to get started.


The Garden

While watching Netflix one day, they happened upon The Biggest Little Farm and they both knew instantly how the farm would take shape over the next few years.

With a strong desire to work with Nature to produce naturally grown food for our community, they began to research terms like "Bio-Diversity" and "cover-crops" to ensure the health of the soil.

Maintaining healthy soil & eliminating the use of harsh chemicals for control of both pests & weeds is the main goal of the Farm.

This summer will be the first year for their Farm Market located on the Farm.  They will be selling their produce that is harvested from their 1-acre garden.  You can stay up to date on the available produce here.

Both Bob & Andrea love to share their knowledge & experience with others.  If you'd like to learn about starting your own farm or growing food naturally, use the link below to schedule your visit to the farm.

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