Top 10 Garden Tips & Tricks

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Top 10 Garden Tips & Tricks

We have learned a lot in the few short months we have been planning our garden. I’d like to share our Top 10 Gardening Tips & Tricks with you in hopes that we are all able to learn together!

Last summer we watched Biggest Little Farm on Netflix and were truly inspired!! This is the dream we have had for our 100 acres, but until then, we weren’t really sure if it was feasible. Watching this documentary sent chills down my spine as I watched them transform their 100 acres of waste land into a healthy, rich, working farm. Our soil is fairly healthy, it can’t be classified as organic yet, but we are working on that. We won’t be adding anything to our soil that Nature wouldn’t naturally offer.

#1 – Cheerios Bring Back the Bees

Cheerios has supported the Bee population for years. They will send you FREE seeds that are bee friendly. Just follow the link and request your seeds. There is a limit of 4 packs per household. The seeds vary from year to year. I have received Giant Sunflowers, assorted wild flowers and many more. This is only available in Canada, as far as I know.

You can see in the photo the height of the sweet corn planted next to our Cheerios Sun Flowers!

#2 Sun Flower Fun Facts:

  • Plant near cucumbers for a sweeter taste
  • Sunflowers can be used as a trellis for your cucumbers
  • Plant near Corn to attract the corn borer worm away from your harvest.
  • Bees will pollinate the rest of your garden in return for the gift of sun flowers!

#3 – Free Heirloom Seeds

I am not sure if they ship to Canada, but it’s worth exploring! They do ask for a donation to cover the cost of shipping. Free Heirloom Seeds

#4 FREE Seedling Guide for Zone 6a/6b

I created this very handy Seedling Guide that will save you plenty of time & money!! It clearly tells you: what can/should be started indoors, when to transplant outdoors

  • What can/should be started indoors
  • What seeds are direct seed (directly in the ground)
  • When to transplant seedlings in the ground
  • When to expect harvest

#5 FREE Wood Chips

You can take delivery of FREE wood chips to use as mulch in your garden, flowerbeds, fence lines or where ever you want mulch. You must take an entire truck load & be prepared to receive your load without notice. We use a lot of ships here, so this is an amazing service!!!

#6 Make your own Seed Tape

Making your own seed tape is really quite simple using toilet paper, flour, water & your seeds. Using tape allows you to easily space your tiny (hard to see) seeds and reduce the need to thin later on.

#7 Medicinal Plants

I have spent hours trying to find a reliable source for the Healing Garden. I was unable to find a Canadian Supplier, but did find Strictly Medicinal Seeds. They ship to Canada and there selection was astounding!!!

#8 Wild Edibles

Ontario is a great place to work, live & explore, especially when some of that exploring includes foraging for wild edibles!!! Here is an link to some of the most common edibles that are growing right here. Now is the time to enjoy most of these, so get out & forage!!!

#9 Gardening is good for your Mental Health

Not only is gardening a great physical workout, but it is also great for your Mental Health. Loads of beneficial Vitamin D, natural antidepressants, a sense of pride, community connections, sustainability and healthy eating all play a huge part in your Mental Health!!

#10 Composting

Composting is a great way to reduce your contribution to landfills & add amazing nutrients back into the soil. Avoid adding meat, oils or dairy to your compost, but everything else can go right back into the soil!!!

Have more Tips to share? Comment below with your amazing Garden Tips!

We’d love to hear from you !

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