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How to Increase Your Happiness


Happiness is defined as “a mental state of well-being characterized by positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy; good fortune

But how do we “get happy” in a world filled with negativity? How can we possibly feel content when we are bombarded with images of suffering, starvation & poverty? Is it possible to feel happiness when our job isn’t fulfilling, our bills are over-due and our family is in turmoil?

So many people feel that the source of their happiness comes from their environment. They feel happy at certain intervals in their lives – a new relationship, a promotion or raise, the birth of a child or good times with friends. And while these events do create occasional moments of joy, they are also fleeting. The average person reports that one a regular basis, they just feel okay or “meh”.

Occasional moments of happiness from external sources.

So how do we “get happy”?

The true source of happiness comes from within. It’s choosing to feel a sense of joy, regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in.

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.

Wayne Dyer

In other words – change your perception of the events in your life.

Instinctively, we are programmed to seek danger. This is our most primitive survival instinct. As cavemen, we had to be on high alert at all times for a prehistoric predator that thought we looked pretty tasty. In most cases, this is no longer relevant. Today, we are not afraid of encountering a saber-tooth tiger on the way to the grocery store. So why are we still seeking danger around every corner?

Evolution has taught us to create a safer life style, fend for ourselves and make our way to the top of the food change. Yet, without even knowing it, we still instinctively look for the negative side of every situation.

Science has proven that it is possible to reprogram the brain to no longer put danger as the focal point, but to view the world as a safe, loving, supportive place that will nurture us to do and be more.

Increase in happiness

We have seen an influx of personal development in recent years, but this is not new information. We have seen that when we begin to train the brain to focus on the “good”, then we naturally find more “good” to focus on. Our instinct has been to focus on the “bad” and more “bad” comes into view.

When we subconsciously seek the negative aspects of situations or events, our body responds accordingly. If you fear you will get sick, you will get sick. By remaining in a constant state of lack (not enough money, food, clothing, shelter), you will never have enough.

Those that believe that their health (whether good or bad) is in direct relation to their environment will more frequently report ill health. On the other hand, those that believe that their health (whether good or bad) is in direct relations to the strength of their own immune system, have reported an increase in their over-all well-being.

The difference lies in their minds ability to perceive control. For the people who believed that their health was indicative of their environment, feel very little self-control to improve the situation. But those that believe in the strength of their own immune system have a greater sense of control. They understand that what they put into their bodies, is directly related to how they feel. They understand that how they feel about their bodies, gives them a sense of power to improve their bodies, or at least maintain it’s current condition.

How do we feel in control?

The biggest secret to gaining a sense of control and increasing your own happiness, usually happens at the mid-life point. Somewhere in our 30’s to 40’s we begin to feel a shift in our thinking, in our beliefs. For others, this shift happens following a major life event or trauma. In either case, there is a “rapid life reset”.

This reset is usually caused by a sudden awareness of the lack of control followed by an immediate need to gain control. There is an internal understanding that we, ourselves have the ability to dictate our circumstance. We are actually in full control, and have been all along. This new realization, or new state of consciousness, allows us to make the changes Wayne Dyer was talking about.

6 Things Happy People Do Everyday

  • Practice Gratitude – Count their blessings, appreciate what they do have instead of what they don’t have.
  • Connection – They form deep, lasting connections with at least 5 people who inspire them to do more and be more.
  • Guidance – They have a professional Coach or Mentor who helps steer them in the right direction.
  • Mindfulness – yoga, meditation or tai chi ever day
  • Physical Activity – they are movers, physically active for at least 20 minutes each day.
  • Nature – plenty of sunshine & fresh air every day

People who report a general sense of well-being cite the employment of a life coach to maintain or increase their over-all happiness.

Get Happy

Eventually, most of us will have the A-HA moment when we finally realize that we are in control of how we feel. The secret is in how you achieve the level of satisfaction you are seeking. It is entirely possible to do all the work yourself. You can read the books, attend the workshops, join a gym and sit silently for an hour a day, but if you don’t actually get to the root cause of your misery, you will never fully be happy.

We all have what Coaches refer to as “limiting beliefs”. These are thought patterns that are so deeply en-grained that we are not able to easily recognize them. These thoughts, or beliefs (I’m not strong enough, smart enough, brave enough, tall enough, thin, blonde, flexible or rich enough) are the patterns that prevent us from fully experiencing intense joy on a regular basis. There is always an excuse that prevents us from doing what we truly want to do.

An experienced Coach has the ability to help you recognize these limiting beliefs and then replace them with new, productive beliefs that will have you believing in limitless possibility.

A Coach will also assist you in identifying your purposeJoanna Gaines believes that purpose is defined by enjoying life, serving one another and bringing each other joy through kindness and care. She credits her daily gratitude & mindfulness practices in shifting her purpose through each season of her life. She employs a team of coaches, each with their own important niche – life, business, relationship, publicity and spirituality.

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