How to Live Naturally & Authentically

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How to Live Naturally & Authentically

That’s a really good question and it really depends on what you want to delve into. There are a plethora of subjects on living naturally. Whether it’s the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the way you grow your garden, to even the products you use to clean your home. I’ll try my best to dive into a little bit of everything and what I’ve learned over the years.

It’s really about making better choices and focusing on the long-term plan. Remember this:

Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain OR Short Term Gain for Long Term Pain.

I want you to read that again. Short term pain for long term gain is doing something right now that may be uncomfortable, but will in the long-run, help us out. This is about focusing on future goals and taking very small steps towards that goal. Short term gain for long term pain is doing something now that you know you will regret later.

Eating Naturally

I’m not here to tell you what to eat, nor will I judge you on any decisions you make regarding what you put into your body. It’s your body and it’s your choice. However; my experience dictates that the better you eat, the better you feel.

Comfort food is usually high in either salt or sugar. We call it comfort food because when we are not feeling our best, it’s because our bodies are usually lacking something and these ‘comfort foods are a quick fix, but not a solution.

We have a habit of eating how we currently feel in an attempt to feel better. When we are not at our best, we fill up on salty or sugary snacks that are not effectively fueling our bodies. This is “short term gain, for long term pain“. BUT, if we chose to eat how we want to feel, we would end up feeling better. This is “short term pain for long term gain“.

Whole foods that have not been chemically altered or processed are the best fuel for your body & mind. Choose fresh, locally grown fruits & veggies whenever possible. Try to source your meats from a local farmer. Bloomers Family Farm or Eatwell Foods at Duenk Farms are amazing in Southwestern Ontario.

Connect with Nature

Spending time outside is the quickest & most efficient way to boost your mood! Any outdoor activity; gardening, walking, jogging or just playing in the mud puddles are proven to increase your body’s production of cortisol or happy hormones. While outside, be very intentional on how you view your surroundings. Look for the beauty that surrounds you. The green grass, birds singing, shadows dancing in the sun or the stars reflecting off the water. Find joy in the clean air, the gentle breeze or the calming music of nature.

Chemical Free Living

My husband has very sensitive skin and I have very sensitive olfactory senses. Which simply means, that Bob is prone to terrible eczema and asthma, while I am prone to severe migraines. Both of us have been on medications for these ailments but the best defense was to go chemical free. I no longer use chemicals to clean anything, we don’t use any herbicides or pesticides in our garden and even our bath & body products are natural. Removing harsh chemicals has made a huge difference in our lives. Cleaning is much easier, Bob’s skin is better, and I haven’t had a severe migraine in years. If you want to know more about how I clean without chemicals, please feel free to reach out!!!


We can’t talk about living naturally without talking about self-care. This is a difficult subject for most women, especially Moms because there just isn’t enough time in the day. When the kids, the partner, work, school, & friends all want a piece of your time right fucking now, it feels like we are being pulled in too many directions it can be overwhelming and exhausting. So how do we do self-care without feeling selfish?

Self-care is never selfish!! If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, that is not your person. It is important to take a few minutes each day for YOU! do something you enjoy; read, walk, nap, pee alone, or connect with a friend. Self-care does not need to cost money. It can be as simple as closing a door for a few minutes of silence. Self-care is about doing something nice for you, while you are busy doing for others.

We teach other’s how to treat us, based on the way we treat ourselves. If you don’t put you first, you are teaching others that you come second. Take care of you so you can continue to take care of others. <3

If you are looking for more information on Living Naturally, check out our Summer Workshop Series.

Mind, Body & Spirit – Naturally

Take care of your mind. Learn to slow the racing thoughts, get enough rest, and listen to that tiny voice deep within that guides you to better living.

Take care of your body. Work towards a more balanced diet of raw whole foods and reduce your exposure to chemicals. Get plenty of clean, fresh air and move your body and laugh, a lot!

Deepen your Spiritual Connection. Take a few minutes each day to be quiet. Learn to use breath work to ease stress & anxiety. Find a Higher Power that will guide you to living authentically. Practice Gratitude. Find joy in the life you have built.

In short – You do YOU! Show the world who you are!! They will either love you or hate you, but you will be YOU and no one can ever take that away from you!!!

Living your best life

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