Custom Orders – Transforming Your Ideas into Great Products

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Custom Orders – Transforming Your Ideas into Great Products

We don’t talk too much about our custom orders. But they are a big reason why we do what we do. Most of our product line started with an idea from a customer who reached out to see if we could turn their idea into reality!

Bob is capable of building just about anything. He has a very unique ability to take the ideas in your head and create something much better than you ever dreamed!!

Joanne reached out to us looking for a valet tray for her son. Bob did some research on the internet to figure out dimensions, selected a gorgeous piece of Maple Hardwood that would last for years, then began programming his CNC machine and set the project in motion. The result was a gorgeous personally engraved piece that blew Joanne away!!! She has since returned to order more items!

Susan requested a display stand for her Christmas Dicken’s Village. She had very precise specifications (Height 6′ tall, base 4″ in diameter and in the shape of a tree). Sue also needed this display to be stored away in the off-season, so Bob created a modular unit that could easily be disassembled. Again, the result was way beyond our customer’s expectations!

Dicken's Display Tree

Alexis requested personalized tree ornaments for her fur babies. Again, Bob researched a few ideas on the internet, decided on his design, programmed his CNC and created adorable little ornaments for her fur babies!! We have since made over 150 of these custom order ornaments!!!

The Christmas ornament from Naturally Knotty Farms Creations is absolutely beautiful!!! The craftsmanship is splendid. Our ornament arrived in a lovely package ~ perfect for gift giving as soon as we picked it up. I will not hesitate to purchase from this place again! I cannot say enough 


Michelle was looking for a way to display her husband’s growing hat collection. She reached out to us with a picture of what she had in mind. A day or 2 later Bob had made her a product that was truly beyond her expectations! There is room for 20 hats and a personalized engraving if required!! Again, these have been flying out the door!!!

I reached out and asked if they were able to make a custom hat holder for me for my husband. Andrea got back to me right away with all of the information and it was made within 4 days! Excellent quality and I am beyond impressed with it! Thank you again! ❤️

Michelle Wilson

Dave’s daughter was looking for a Blanket Ladder and she searched high & low for one on the internet (we are in lockdown here, so no in-person shopping). Dave reached out to Bob and asked if one could be made. Again, Bob hit the internet, decided on dimensions and set to work. Dave’s daughter had a very clear idea of the finish she wanted to match her decor and we recreated it for her, using a combination of stains. We are currently working on a few custom orders for additional blanket ladders for other customers.

A production company in the GTA found us on Facebook. They are heading into a production in May of a new pilot for Netflix. They have asked us to create part of the set design. I will post pictures of this later, but for now, it’s top secret!!!

Trudy is an avid Euchre player and was looking for a very unique gift. She asked us to create a Euchre Set for her husband for Christmas. Once again, Bob got down to creating the design, programming his CNC machine and the result is outstanding!!! These are made from Maple Hardwood and are fastened together with Rare Earth Magnets making this the perfect travel set. The set is completed with a deck of cards and 5 metal pegs to keep score.

When placing my order it was super easy ! confirmation emails were sent and having the ability to book an appointment for pick up was convenient! The product is very well put together and can’t wait to look into more things !

Kristie Riley

In the theme of playing cards, Darlene was looking for card holders to help her grandchildren learn to play games. Bob has created these gorgeous sets using pine & finished with a beautiful stain that she was proud to show off. These have been a big seller with families spending more quality time together at home!

You see, there really is no limit to the possibilities!! If you can dream it, Bob can build it!! There is no idea that is too big, too small or too crazy!! Bob will accept the challenge and blow your mind!!! Our customers have been so impressed by the work they have seen.

Send us an email with your ideas or schedule a time to visit the shop in person to discuss your custom order!

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