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What’s Happening on the Farm

A lot has happened on the farm in the past couple days and I thought I’d take a minute to give you an update.

Garden Plans

If you follow our Facebook Page, you know that we have a HUGE expansion planned for the garden this year. Last year, we planted enough for ourselves and shared what was left over with our neighbours. We received rave reviews about our cantaloupe, watermelon and tomatoes. Our neighbours had never tasted melons fresh from the garden. If you have never had melon fresh from the vine, you really need to try it. The taste is beyond compare.

So, with that in mind, Bob & I sat down to order our seeds and the shipments have started to arrive. Our seed inventory is so huge and diverse, we had to call in an expert to help us plan the garden. We have contracted Colin Nigh, who is an Environmental & Geography Major at the University of Waterloo. Colin embodies our vision for the farm which is to work WITH Nature, not against her. We will be using Companion Planting, including the 3 Sisters to ensure the best possible harvest. We will be avoiding the use of chemicals, pesticides & herbicides and instead will be adapting age old ideas to reduce the weeds, pests & predator’s.

bunnies on the farm

Garden Bunnies

This winter we have noticed that a family of Rabbits have moved onto the property. As cute as these little guys are, they would love to benefit from the fruits of our labour. One natural deterrent for rabbits is the common garter snake.

By building a rock wall on one side of the garden, we hope the snakes will move in and the rabbits will move out. Snakes will also eat slugs and deter mice. Snakes natural habitat is under old logs, rocks, or anywhere that is cool and damp.

I should apologize to our neighbours, as I’m sure they will be hosting our unwanted guests.

With the bunnies gone, this should also move the coyotes away from us as well.

Plans for the Harvest

This year we have chosen a unique collection of seeds and will grow the standards; tomatoes, onions, peppers and sweet corn. But we have also chosen some less traditional seeds:

  • Personal Size Seedless Watermelon – these watermelons are small in comparison to what you’re used to, but the flavour is amazing!
  • Loofa – yes, we are going to grow the loofa sponge that you have been using in your shower for years. This is a gourd that when dried, leaves you with the netted interior making it the perfect natural exfoliator.
  • Pop Corn – Have you ever popped corn while it’s still on the cob? Our pop corn will have black kernels, but the same fluffy white interior that you’re used to. Simply place the entire cob in a brown paper bag after lightly brushing it with olive oil. Microwave for 2-3 minutes, pull out the cob and enjoy a bag of fresh, untreated pop corn!!!
  • Bird House Gourds – Again this is a gourd that when left to dry, the birds will love! We are hoping that COVID will allow us to do onsite tutorials to build your own Bird House!
  • Broom Stick Corn – This is not an edible corn, but a decorative one. It will enhance your exterior fall decor and make you the envy of your neighbourhood!!

Subscription Boxes

We are making arrangements to offer our produce in Subscription Boxes and are still working out the details. We are also hoping to offer Specialty Boxes such as a Salsa Box that will allow you to make a batch of Salsa at home, Chili Box that will contain the beans, veggies & seasonings required for an amazing pot of chili and a few more. Be sure to LIKE our Facebook Page or Subscribe to our Newsletter to stay up to date on these ideas.

Additions to Our Farm Team

Our goal from the start was to use this farm to create a community and build a family business that will carry on through generations. This is a pretty big task, so we have contracted some more help:

  • Dana Dixon will be taking over as Finisher, in the shop with Bob. She comes to us with brilliant ideas, natural talent and a very keen eye for detail. There is no doubt that you will love her work!! She will also be working in the kitchen to create some amazing products using the harvest from the farm.
  • Wesley Edgar is our Marketing Manager and will work with Andrea on all the “backend” business stuff. I guess you could call us the unsung heroes of the farm! (lol)
  • Colin Nigh is our Garden Manager

Colin, Dana & Wes; Bob & I welcome you to the Farm and look forward to watching this project develop!!!

We are hoping that others will be joining our Team soon!

Community Involvement

As most of you know, I have a career based in Community Service and it is very important to both of us that we give back to the amazing community that continues to support us through this journey. We are hoping to work with our local Food Bank to provide them with fresh produce for their clients.

We will also be looking into working with our local High School to offer Volunteer Hours to their students.

Busy Year on the Farm

All told, it will be a very busy year here on the farm. Bob will be busy in the shop working on your Custom Orders. The Team will be busy building, planting, harvesting, finishing & planning new and exciting projects. We’re hoping to have you here as much as possible as well so you can follow along on our journey and hopefully get involved!

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